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At John Gosnell & Co we have been producing quality innovative products since 1677 and you can read about the history. Since the 1960s we’ve been a contract manufacturer and so whilst you will have been using our products they will have had someone else’s brand on them. We are really proud of our contract manufacturing service and enjoy working hand-in-hand with our business partners, who each bring different things to the products we make for them.

When we started down this contract manufacturing route we used our existing products and some new innovation to come up with standard formulations which could act as the starting point for formulation development with our customers or alternatively could be labelled under their brand for a speedy simple route to market.

Over time we have successfully developed many hundreds of formulations but the Vitamin E range stands out because of its successful sales record and longevity. Naturally it has evolved over fifty years, but each time we have enhanced it we have always realised the importance of maintaining the uniqueness of the products.

In 2014 we consulted with a number of major retailers regarding the latest enhanced versions and it was through these conversations that the idea of relaunching a John Gosnell brand came about. We concentrated on taking the formulations back to our ideals, worked with design agencies on the graphics and are thrilled to be launching our John Gosnell’s Original Vitamin E Range.

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